Aeroponik Systems, Aero Grow Table XS, S, M, L

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  • Fully automatic aeroponic system for optimized plant growth
  • Complete set including plant tray, frame, nutrient tank, and irrigation set
  • Easy setup and minimal maintenance for stress-free growing
  • Suitable for beginners and experienced gardeners who prefer substrate-free cultivation
  • Improved growth, higher yields, and healthier plants thanks to advanced growing method

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from 258,95 €
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Aero Grow Table XS, S, M, L (V1 & V2: with & without Neoprene Ring): Fully Automatic Aeroponic System!

Discover the aeroponic system "Aero Grow Table" by Aeroponic Systems – a fully automatic aeroponic system for up to 16 plants that simplifies your entry into substrate-free growing. With everything you need for assembly, this system is perfect for beginners and experienced gardeners.

Complete Set for Quick Start

The Aero Grow Table includes Aero Grow 19 (with or without neoprene ring), a matching Garland plant tray, a screwed, galvanized plant rack, and a nutrient tank.

Easy Assembly & Low Maintenance

These aeroponic systems come with an irrigation set, including a pump, hoses, and everything you need for assembly. Once the system is set up, all you need to do is plant your plants and fill the nutrient tank to begin.

Perfect for Aeroponic Enthusiasts

The "Aero Grow Table" is ideal for those who want to get the most out of their plants. Benefit from an advanced cultivation method that results in faster growth, higher yields, and healthier plants. Dive into the world of aeroponics and experience the difference!

What is the difference between Version 1 (V1) and Version 2 (V2) of "Aero Grow 19"?

The two versions of the aeroponic pot differ in terms of the neoprene ring in the lid. The Version 1 (V1) comes with a neoprene ring and the Version 2 (V2) has no plant ring in the lid. These two versions offer different planting options and advantages for various applications.

Version 1 (V1) - with plant ring in the lid:
The first version, V1, has a plant ring in the lid of the planting container. This ring allows plants to be held stable and securely in the container. We recommend this version if hydroponic pre-growing without substrate, e.g., in X-Stream or HydroCloner, is preferred.

Version 2 (V2) - without plant ring in the lid:
In contrast to the first version, the second version, V2, does not have a plant ring in the lid. This makes this version more flexible in terms of how plants can be inserted into the container. If cuttings or seedlings are pre-grown directly in the substrate, we recommend the Aero Grow 19 V2, as the propagation cube can be inserted.

(a) GRODAN rockwool cubes: These rockwool cubes are a popular substrate for plant propagation. They provide excellent water and air permeability and enable optimal root growth. Due to the poor biodegradability, we advise against rockwool.

(b) EAZY PLUG or ROOT RIOT propagation cubes: EAZY PLUGS and ROOT RIOT are made of organic, biodegradable substrate, consisting of coconut fibers or peat moss, respectively. They are particularly well-suited for the propagation of seedlings and cuttings, promoting fast and healthy root development.

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