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In Dirk's Growing Shop online assortment, you will find home grow products from small mini grow boxes to professional indoor grow systems. We support you with all questions around indoor & outdoor growing and provide the necessary equipment in the LED Grow Shop. As experienced grow experts, we have been working in the industry for decades and are politically committed to the legalization of beneficial greenery. Among botanical enthusiasts, we are of course happy to share our know-how and accompany our grow shop customers in their small and large home grow projects. CBD patients with medical cultivation permission are advised individually and purposefully with us. 

Your online wholesale growshop from Berlin

A grow store is like a small garden center for discreet home growing projects. Growing subtropical plants is hardly possible in our latitudes without technical support – but with professional lighting, suitable fertilizer, a sophisticated irrigation system and adapted climate control, you can grow magnificent plants even in winter. At Drehandel you can stock up on all the utensils you need for a bountiful harvest. Take a look around our store from the comfort of your sofa, and we will deliver your grow boxes, complete sets of growboxen or grow accessories directly to your home.

Your wholesale supplier for grow equipment with experience

In addition to complete sets for LED lighting, irrigation, exhaust air and fertilizer, you can upgrade your existing equipment with professional indoor grow products from renowned manufacturers in the Drehandel online grow store. Are you looking for suitable climate control technology for optimal ventilation, or do you require advice for a rich flower development through special substrates and LED technology? Our experts will be happy to advise you and provide you with suitable equipment from our carefully compiled Growshop assortment.

A growbox in the living room – take care of your own needs

Growshops in Germany are currently popular destinations for hobby and professional gardeners who want to meet their own needs for vegetables and greens. In a well-equipped indoor grow box, you can also grow permanent high-yielding plants all year round. Even climatically demanding plants thrive even more splendidly in a professional grow box from the Drehandel Growing Shop.

Advantages of homegrowing at a glance

Enjoy sustainably produced plants without exploiting people and nature

  • Homegrown plants in organic quality
  • Guaranteed no toxins such as pesticides, fungicides, herbicides
  • Cost savings and short transport routes
  • Supply bottlenecks are prevented

Are grow stores in Germany monitored?

Basically: No, for a surveillance of a growshop owner or his customers, the police requires an urgent direct suspicion. Even if they have one it's hardly uncommon to investigate a legal company that sells only legal products.

Purchasing and using urban gardening paraphernalia from our online grow store is perfectly legal. Also, the indoor cultivation of subtropical vegetable plants and herbs such as pineapple, sage, sand mallow and tea plants is allowed and usually does not require permission from the landlord in rented apartments. From there, any online purchase is suspicion-free and cannot be prosecuted as such. In the Drehandel Online Growshop we are of course nevertheless sensitive with customer data and pay attention to discreet packaging & shipping. To make you feel comfortable and secure is a heartfelt wish for us.

Not all homegrowing is the same - these methods of growing plants are popular

Indoor Growing can be done discreetly in grow boxes, on a larger scale plants in open spaces and over several floors are possible.

Outdoor growing is possible in the garden, on the balcony, in the greenhouse or wild, depending on the crop. We are happy to advise you on the choice of crop and location.

The classic cultivation is done in suitable substrate (soil or coco). This is especially suitable for beginners and growers with little time for their hobby. The substrate stores the water as well as nutrients and also acts as a buffer. So it is not so bad if sometimes a day can not be watered or fertilized.

The larger the pot, the greater the buffering effect.

But be careful: do not put very small plants in a huge pot. This can quickly lead to overwatering.

A more efficient method for homegrow projects is cultivation in hydroponic systems. Here, the nutrient solution reaches the roots through the irrigation system (drip, ebb and flow, NFT, aeroponics).

The advantage of hydroponics is that, on the one hand, the pH can be better adjusted in the optimal range for the plant, thus ensuring improved nutrient uptake by the plants. The oxygen content in the root area, which is important for nutrient uptake, is also significantly higher in hydroponics than in soil cultivation. This leads to faster plant growth and higher-yielding harvests.

But beware: close monitoring is necessary, because the failure of a pump can quickly lead to total crop failure.

The most important basics for indoor grow systems from the Growshop

Every plant needs light, nutrients, water and oxygen to photosynthesize and grow. Light in the blue color spectrum stimulates growth and is particularly suitable for growing vigorous seedlings quickly. Red light, on the other hand, favors the formation of shoots and ensures dense, healthy foliage and abundant flower and fruit development. With white LED lamps from our LED Grow Shop, daylight is imitated in an energy-saving way. LED grow lamps from Lumatek, Maxibright, Hortione and Sanlight are all perfectly matched to the needs of the plants and can also be expanded modularly.

  • Materials for professional growboxes from the growshop.
  • A closed indoor greenhouse (grow tent, grow box) or a room with enough space for plants, lighting and air conditioning technology
  • LED lighting with suspension (pay attention to the appropriate light intensity and light spectrum for your crops)
  • Substrate, suitable irrigation system and nutrients
  • An exhaust system for optimal humidity and to prevent mold and odors (exhaust fan, activated carbon filter and tubing)

Recirculation fans for optimal oxygen supply to the plants

Further growshop equipment for eager growers

1. growing accessories from the Growshop

With special growing equipment, growing from seeds succeeds even in the deepest winter:

  • Mini greenhouse or growing cube with light sandy substrate (germination temperature 20 - 25 °)
  • Spray bottle for gentle moistening of seedlings
  • LED lighting with high blue light content accelerates growth

2. harvesting accessories from the growshop

  • Harvesting scissors or harvesting machine
  • Drying nets
  • Vessels for fermentation (method for refining the harvest)

Our grow shop pro recommendations—These are the best indoor grow products

  1. Among the best grow boxes at Drehandel Online Growshop, we recommend the Garden Highpro products for beginners and advanced growers, which convince us with their excellent price-performance ratio. The sturdy grow boxes with viewing windows and reflective walls are energy efficient and create optimal climate.
  2. For professionals, we recommend the high quality designed HOMEbox grow boxes. Price-wise, the HOMEbox products in Drehandel Growshop Berlin are a bit higher, but this is clearly noticeable in the top workmanship of individual parts.
  3. The best grow LED lamps in the Drehandel Grow Shop online range come from the SANlight EVO series. The Austrian manufacturer SANlight is a market leader and always incorporates the latest technology in its series.
  4. The hortiONE LED grow lamps have by far the best price-performance ratio, as long as you do not spray the lights directly with water.
  5. Optimal grow fertilizer and irrigation systems are manufactured by Terra Aquatica. The French company emphasizes sustainability and offers both organic and mineral fertilizers for grow stores. Terra Aquatica irrigation systems are also used in large-scale nurseries.

The online growshop with know-how: Our services at a glance

  • We offer selected top brands for private and business customers in the Growshop. The Growshop is constantly expanded with modern novelties on the market.
  • We support hobby and professional growers with the best advice. Growshops and professional nurseries are supplied by us at fair wholesale prices.
  • Managing Director Dirk Rehahn is one of the founders of DHV and is politically committed to legalization.
  • Watch out for our regularly changing discount promotions and special offers!
  • We promise fast and discreet delivery in neutral cardboard with inconspicuous return address.

Become a homegrow expert yourself

In the Drehandel online store you will find the necessary know-how to go with the equipment: For all questions about indoor growing, we provide you with our know-how, so that your harvest will be qualitatively convincing and rich. Our service team is available by phone or email. We also share interesting information for home growers on our social channels and on the Drehandel blog - with the home growing equipment in the Drehandel store, you can rediscover your green thumb and take urban gardening to a new level.

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