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Grow Sets

Our Grow Sets offer you perfectly matched growing equipment so you can get started right away. We have created various set articles for you.

Complete Grow Box Set with LED

With our Complete Grow Box Set, you will always find a Grow Box and the matching Grow LED Lamp. The grow accessories are always tailored to the grow box. We have tried to offer you as many options as possible in case you already own some set components or want to replace them with others.

LED Grow Sets

To offer affordable LED grow lights for the budget-conscious among you, we have put together the appropriate LED Grow Sets for various lighting areas. This way, you don't have to search long to find the right lighting for your grow tent. We can recommend our LED set for a 1x1m grow box, our hortiONE lighting set with optional dimmer, and the SANlight-EVO-Set with daisy chain cabling and dimmer.

Grow Exhaust Set

Our Grow Exhaust Sets include a fan, a matched activated carbon filter, and a connection hose. The selection of the right exhaust set depends on the fan's performance and the volume of your grow box. You can find the individual products for ventilation here.

Drying Box Set

To dry your herbs, you need an affordable grow box, a drying net, and an exhaust system to neutralize odors. Activated carbon filters take on this task. If the harvest is particularly lush, you should consider an additional circulating fan to speed up drying and prevent mold. We recommend our box fan for drying box sets from 1 m², as you can also place it on the floor or hang it from the ceiling. For smaller grow boxes, this fan here is sufficient for drying.

Cutting Set

For successful propagation, the right equipment is needed in addition to know-how. Our cutting sets with rooting gel, propagation cubes, Clonex Mist, and spray bottle are just right for you. As an all-in-one solution, we have created a propagation set with a grow tent and optional exhaust for you. Scissors for a clean cut from the mother plant and for removing excess foliage can be found in our cutting sets or in the category gardening supplies.

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