Grow tent set LED for 3 +1 plants | hortiONE 420 with 150 Watt | 80x80cm

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  • Grow tent LED set for 3 plants including free pot
  • High-quality grow box 80x80x160cm
  • Optimal full-spectrum light with hortiOne 420 LED with 150 Watts
  • Convenient light control with hortiONE Mini Dimmer 0-10V
  • Efficient ventilation with 2-stage fan and activated carbon filter
  • Four practical plant bags with handles, clip fan for even air distribution
  • Digital thermo-hygrometer for monitoring temperature and humidity
  • Possibility to supplement with soil, coconut substrate, and fertilizer
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grow tent set for 3 plants with 80x80cm grow tent
444,00 €
incl. 19% VAT


LED Grow Tent Set for 3+1 Plants: Your new plant cultivation set including a free pot

Are you looking for a complete and easy-to-use set for growing three plants? Then you've come to the right place! Our grow tent set offers everything you need for cultivation. And the best part: It comes with a free fabric pot for an additional plant, so you can grow a total of four plants. It simply makes sense on a square surface.

Components Overview

Indoor Greenhouse

Growbox Basic 80x80x160cm (1 piece)
Experience a high-quality and durable Grow Tent with the Garden Highpro Probox Basic 80, providing optimal conditions for your plants.


hortiOne 420 LED, 150W and 408 µmol/s (1 piece)
With the hortiOne 420 LED lamp, you get an optimized full-spectrum light for all growth phases of your plants.

hortiONE Mini Dimmer 0-10V - Plug & Play stepless (1 piece)
Easily control the lighting intensity of your LED lamp with the hortiONE Mini Dimmer.

Pro Suspension Set 68 kg, large carabiner (1 piece)
Safely and stably hang your LED lamp with the lamp suspension set.

Digital timer (1 piece)
Automatically and precisely control the lighting duration of your plants with the digital timer.


100mm 2-speed fan, 187 m³/h (1 piece)
Ensure optimal air circulation in your grow tent with the efficient fan.

Activated carbon filter 100mm, Rhino Pro 255 (200-300m³/h) (1 piece)
Neutralize unpleasant odors with the powerful activated carbon filter from Rhino Pro.

Exhaust hose 100mm Proflex (5 meters)
Lead the exhaust air out of your grow tent with the flexible exhaust hose.

Universal hose clamp 50-135mm (3 pieces)
Securely and stably attach exhaust hoses with the universal hose clamps.

Grow Accessories

Plant bag 20L with handles Propot (4 pieces)
With the practical Propot plant bags, you give your plants enough space to grow. For 3 plants, a 50-liter soil bag would work perfectly.

Clip Fan GHP 12W, Ø20cm with bar clip (1 piece)
Ensure even air distribution and stronger plants with a practical clip fan.

Digital Basic Thermo-Hygrometer, Minimum-Maximum (1 piece)
Easily and precisely monitor temperature and humidity in your grow tent with the digital thermo-hygrometer.

With our LED Grow Tent Set for 3+1 Plants, you are well-equipped to grow your own plants. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced gardener – this set is easy to use and provides everything you need for successful plant cultivation. The high-quality components ensure that your plants grow and thrive healthily.

Complete your set: Soil, fertilizer, and extra lighting for optimal yields

To complete your plant cultivation set, you still need soil or coco substrate as well as the appropriate fertilizer set for your plants. We have not included these items in the set, as preferences for specific brands vary greatly. You can choose these additional materials according to your personal preferences and needs.

If you are a professional and want to get even more yield from your grow tent, you can even integrate a second hortiONE 420 LED lamp into your grow tent if needed. This provides even better lighting conditions and thus higher productivity for your plants.

Don't wait any longer and start your own plant project today! Order our LED Grow Tent Set for 3+1 Plants now and enjoy your own fresh herbs. If you have any questions, we are of course at your disposal.

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